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Which Cat Water Drinking Fountain is Best?
over 1 year ago

Water feature is great for keeping your kitty’s indoor water supply replenished. However, you have to choose the right one for your feline friend’s personality and lifestyle. For this reason, you should be aware of what are the different types of cat water features available in the market. This will help you choose which would best suit your kitty.

Like most other materials, ceramic has been a popular choice for cat water features. Ceramic water dispensers come in different shapes and sizes that will easily fit your pet’s needs. The bowls used for the best cat drinking fountain are made of non-porous porcelain so they are safe from leaks and splashes. Like stainless steel, ceramic is dishwasher safe as well and can make an attractive and stunning cat watering station for your pet! Look for a bowl that has a non-slip surface and easy cleaning surface to avoid pet accidents.


A water feature with a pump is a good choice. Aside from being a safer option, the pump in your cat fountain makes it more effective by filling the fountain with distilled water, thus eliminating hard water mineral buildup and rust. There are two common types of pump: the cartridge-type and the silicone mat-type. If you are going for the silicone mat type, make sure that the silicone is food grade and you get one with the appropriate thickness for your particular brand of pump.


One popular water dispenser among multi-cat households is the cat fountain with a built-in reservoir. The built-in reservoir gives the advantage of a bottom-loading reservoir. This type is best suited for homes with at least two or three cats. It’s especially ideal for those who have a single feline. Some reservoir models can hold up to three tanks of water, while others are only able to hold two.


The best cat fountain for your home should have a dual-feedback system. For example, there should be a bottle dispenser and an attached pitcher. The attached pitcher would dispense water as needed without requiring manual topping-up. The bottle dispenser should be capable of supplying up to three quarts of drink through its filter.

Multi-cat households can enjoy a great deal of functionality and beauty from a cat fountain made from high quality cast stainless steel. These fountains are highly durable and can withstand constant spills. They also come with attractive features such as built-in water filtration and spill-proof dispenser. Multi-cat families can truly enjoy the benefits of a well-made cat fountain for years to come.For more info on this topic, see this alternative post: https://www.britannica.com/animal/cat.

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